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Ærø on your own...  

Ærø auf eigene Faust    ÆRØ ON YOUR OWN ....

The scenic day trips to Ærø include a return ticket for ferries, museum tickets, attractions and lunch in a restaurant. You can travel for free on the island with the buses.

After a beautiful ferry ride through the South Fyn Archipelago of Svendborg, Faaborg or Fynshav you arrive on Ærø. We have selected the best and most beautiful places on the island for you on our own and we have arranged for tickets and lunch. After the program you can drive freely on our beautiful island with the buses.

You can choose the tours as described below
Ærøskøbing - Ærø på egen hånd   ÆRØSKØBING ON YOUR OWN ...

Experience the lovely old town, Ærøskøbing and visit the Ærø Museum, Flaske Peter (Peter bottle) or Det Gamle Værft (The Old Location)

You can buy ferry tickets, lunch in a restaurant in Ærøskøbing and tickets to the famous collection of "Flaschen-Peter", the Ærø Museum or Det gamle Værft (incl. Mondays to Thursdays).

Experience the beautiful town, where the well-preserved old houses (the oldest from 1645) form a beautiful frame around this unique city. There are many opportunities for beautiful walks in the city and its surroundings. If you feel like it, you still have plenty of time to travel by bus across the island. The buses on Ærø are free. This tour can be booked on any day (from Fynshav not on Sundays)

Marstal - Ærø på egen hånd MARSTAL ON YOUR OWN ......

Experience the unique Maritime Museum and the maritime atmosphere

You will receive ferry tickets, lunch in a restaurant in Marstal and tickets to the Maritime Museum in Marstal with its huge collection. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, guided tours of the museum are held at 11.00 in July and August.

Do not forget to pay a visit to the Eriksen shipyard (part of the museum). Here you can board the schooner "Bonavista". After the visit to the museum and lunch in the restaurant "Fru Berg" you still have plenty of time for a walk through the cozy Marstal. You also have plenty of time for a bus tour of the island. The buses are all free. These tours can be booked on all days.